BaitSafe Rodent Bait Dispensers – 6pk


Revolutionary new product! BaitSafe is a ceiling or wall mounted bait station that presents the bait to rodents in their own space. Place our Ditrac or Contrac baits on the spike, and insert the holder into the flange with the ‘key’.

No mess, no protruding parts to trip over.

Available in a pack of 6 BaitSafe Stations

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Product Description

Revolutionary new product!

BaitSafe® is the next generation in bait station technology. It removes the need to enter small, uncomfortable or hazardous locations when installing bait stations and works 24 hours a day to protect people and property from the dangers of rodents. Unlockable only with a special tool, the bait can’t be accessed by children or pets tampering with the station. Bait spikes secure baits in place so they cannot be carried away and cached by rodents and eaten by non target species. For use in homes, apartments, offices, baches, schools, hospitals, stadiums the list goes on. BaitSafe® can be installed in ceilings, eaves, exterior stud walls, lean-tos, sub floors or anywhere that rats and mice are found.

BaitSafe® can be installed in walls, ceilings and ceiling tiles, flat roofed areas, eaves and soffits, in sub floors between levels, and cupboard bases just to name a few, allowing safe and easy access to inspect or treat the pests directly into areas where rodents live and breed.



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