Cheep and Nasty?

Many customers ask, is cheap feed OK? We say no.

You head into to your nearest feed store and go for the Poultry Food. GREAT!! They have that cheap feed again! I’ll have some of that. You buy it and walk out thinking you’ve got feed for your girls and you are happy cause it didnt cost much!

Let me tell you something!

Unfortunately, the feed you have just brought doesnt have the real proteins and goodness in that will keep your girls in top shape. Laying hens need Protein and our Weston Milling Feeds gives you just that!

Did you know, most feeds on the market today dont use genuine blood and bone for their protein? Blood and Bone protein has been proven to be the best healthwise for Laying Hens.

Now you can get this premium feed which will keep your girls in great shape.

If they aren’t fed properly, expect to see feather pecking and other problems within a year or two. This is because of deficiencies  in their diet.

Try Westons – available from us here at Northern Hylines – and let us know what you think. We know you won’t be disappointed!

Free Range eggs – Really?

There’s been a bit of a hoohah lately about free range eggs. There’s been some people passing cage eggs off as free range, when everyone knows that cage hens have a terrible life and there is no comparison.

What we can’t work out, is why lie to your customers? Who does that help? Certainly not you or your customer.

Here at Northern Hylines, we house our chicks in big roomy barns, then let them out into a large fenced run at about 4 weeks of age. Watching these chooks dancing about and playing games together is a satisfying sight.

We don’t support caged hens. If you’re cruel to animals, we don’t want to know you.